Top 6 Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation can be so taboo to talk about (especially among females) but it is absolutely NORMAL and a great way to explore your body and get more comfortable with yourself. 

Besides just feeling good, there are other benefits of masturbation. 

Top 6 Benefits of Masturbation:

  1. Masturbation will teach you how you best feel sexual pleasure – this can greatly improve your sex life when you are able to better communicate with your partner what feels good and what doesn’t.  Talk about an empowered sex life!
  2. It relieves stress – we live in a stressful world at a stressful time.  Most of us have too many things on our plate and are trying to be too many things for too many people.  If this is you, you NEED masturbation.  Orgasm can be such a stress release and causes and increase in endorphins just like exercise. 
  3. It can help you sleep.  Especially if you struggle with insomnia (which is often related to stress) masturbation can be a great tool to help you drift off to sleep without relying on potentially less healthy options of medication or alcohol. 
  4. It’s good for your pelvic floor! Masturbation and especially orgasm causes contractions in our pelvis that actually help to strengthen our pelvic floor.  Think of it as exercise for your lady parts.  Having a strong pelvic floor will help you avoid incontinence and prolapse later in life.
  5. It’s a pain reliever.  A good masturbation sesh can be just what you need to get rid of your headache and can even help with period cramps. 
  6. And lastly – it can make you happy when you’re feeling down.  Masturbation and orgasm releases “happy hormones” of dopamine and oxytocin.  These give us a sense of peace, happiness and well-being.

So there you have it y’all.  Masturbation is good for everyone.  Stay tuned for more posts on sexual health!  And if there are topics you’re interesting in having us cover, send us a message!

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