FAQs about Covid and Your Fertility

Here are the Top FAQs about Covid and getting pregnant. It’s a crazy time. Make sure you’re informed.

Can I get Covid from Sex?

  • Not exactly
  • Covid is not a sexually transmitted disease
  • Studies show Covid-19 is not transmitted via vaginal secretions or semen
  • However, transmission can occur via respiratory droplets or feces (which you may be exposed to during sex)

Is my fertility decreased due to Covid?

  • No studies exist which show this
  • However, increased times of stress can delay ovulation
  • If ovulation is delayed this will decrease your chances of getting pregnant each cycle

Am I more likely to have a miscarriage?

  • There’s limited data on this topic but the data that is available show no definite link. 
  • That being said, data on SARs (caused by a similar virus) shows increased rates of 1st trimester miscarriage, preterm delivery and growth restriction

Is it safe to get pregnant right now?

  • Yes, with caution
  • Make the decision that’s right for you – weigh in your age, finances, stage in life and general anxiety level/ability to manage stress
  • Pregnancy doesn’t appear to increase your risk of developing Covid, but if you do get sick while pregnant you are three times more likely to have more severe disease that could require hospitalization or even intubation
  • That being said there are still many pregnant women who are asymptomatic or only have mild symptoms
  • If you are known Covid positive or suspect you have Covid, it’s advised that you delay attempting pregnancy until at least your next cycle

The take home here… if you’re considering pregnancy right now, make sure you stay safe and stay informed. These are the basics that you need to know but you should also talk to you doctor about any specific health concerns.

For more information and updates about Covid visit The CDC website!


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