Sara Twogood, MD

Obstetrician Gynecologist

Female Health Collective is the brain child of Dr. Sara Twogood. She has seen the power of female health professionals working together and wanted to create a place for them to write and teach and energize one another and their readers.

She is a board certified OBGYN at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. 

She is co-founder of Female Health Education, with Dr. Alyssa Quimby, a platform focused on helping empower females through health education. 

Dr. Twogood’s passion is promoting and demystifying health information to the public. Her blog, Dr. Sara Twogood’s LadyParts Blog, provides comprehensive information about fertility, pregnancy, and gynecology topics. She is on the medical board for the period tracker app Flo; contributes as a medical expert for pregnancy app and website The Bump; and serves on the Byrdie Beauty and Wellness Review Board ( She has been interviewed as an expert for the podcasts The Dream and Her body, Her Story and quoted in numerous online and print publications.  

Dr. Twogood has been named “Top Doctor” in Los Angeles magazine for years.